“Potential Hazards of Summer can spoil fun and lead families to emergency hospitals”

As Memorial Day weekend approaches, burn experts and paramedics urge families to be cautious as the start of summer usually increases the chances of injury. The season is characterized by accidents ranging from sun damage to burning grills. Dr. Julia Slater warns against rushing things when it comes to grilling as this could result in one of two types of injuries; either someone trying to put some kind of accelerant in the grill or people accidentally touching the grill while doing too many things at once. Slater, who is the medical director of the University of California Medical Center Burn Center, adds that fireworks and sunburns at home are usually managed outside the emergency room.

While sunburns are a common summer hazard, Slater notes that they are rarely severe enough to require admission to the burn ward. However, they can be painful and limit activities for some time. Therefore, she recommends the use of helmets, especially for children, to protect against sunburns.

Besides burns, families have to be mindful of mosquitoes and the risks they pose. Mosquitoes transmit diseases such as West Nile virus, and as such, families may need to change the soap they use to reduce the risk of attracting mosquitoes. A study by researchers at Virginia Tech showed that mosquitoes prefer fruit- and flower-scented soaps and dislike coconut-scented soaps. Additionally, about 60% of a person’s odor comes from the soaps they use, and the remaining 40% comes from their natural odor, making bug spray and insect repellent clothing essential in reducing the chances of getting bitten by mosquitoes.

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