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Potential Hostage Deal Details Released by Hamas


Nov 21, 2023

Media reports are suggesting that Hamas has detailed a possible hostage deal with Israel, according to an Israeli news site “Ynet”. This agreement is said to involve the release of 50 hostages, including foreigners, and a five-day break in fighting in the Gaza Strip. The deal also reportedly includes the release of 300 female and underage Palestinian prisoners from Israeli prisons. In addition, the agreement will allow for the gradual release of civilians and Palestinian prisoners from the Gaza Strip, with Israel committing to release 30 prisoners every day.

Furthermore, the deal reportedly allows for 300 trucks carrying food, medical supplies, and fuel to enter the Gaza Strip. A Hamas media coordinator, Taher al-Nunu, stated that Hamas had agreed to the agreement, while Israel’s government initially did not want to comment on the reports. A Hamas politburo member had indicated that the organization had come closer to an agreement on the release of hostages and a pause in fighting, and that Hamas leader Ismail Haniya had handed over a response to a potential agreement to the mediator Qatar. However, no details about the deal were disclosed.

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