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Potential Nerve Issue for Cooper Kupp Alluded to by Sean McVay


Sep 7, 2023

Rams receiver Cooper Kupp is currently dealing with a hamstring problem. According to coach Sean McVay, there could be a nerve issue causing this. The team is trying to gather more information and understand what exactly is happening with Kupp. He recently visited a specialist in Minnesota to get some treatment and gain more insight into his condition. However, the treatment wasn’t enough to immediately get him back on the field. There’s a possibility that Kupp may need a couple of weeks to recover, and it’s unclear whether he’ll be placed on the injured reserve list. McVay acknowledges Kupp’s eagerness to return, but they want to make sure he’s fully healed before rushing him back into action.

McVay’s comments regarding Kupp’s injury are significant, considering his tendency to downplay such situations. If McVay’s remarks on Wednesday are downplaying the severity of Kupp’s condition, it’s possible that the truth is worse than what is currently known.

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