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Practice squad players can now serve as emergency quarterbacks


Mar 26, 2024

The emergency quarterback rule has received a much-needed boost this year. Last year, the rule required the emergency game-day quarterback to be on the 53-man roster, but now teams will be able to elevate the emergency quarterback from the practice squad. This change was passed by the NFL’s owners on Tuesday, following a proposal from the Competition Committee.

The Bills had a slightly different proposal that would have allowed the emergency quarterback to be a third practice squad elevation. However, the Competition Committee’s version specifies that the emergency quarterback must be one of the two standard elevations. Despite this, the emergency quarterback can be elevated and relegated on an unlimited basis, as long as another team does not sign the practice-squad quarterback to its active roster.

The emergency quarterback rule allows the third quarterback to play only if the first two quarterbacks are unavailable, typically due to injury or ejection. Once an injured quarterback is cleared to return, the emergency quarterback must leave the game to make room for the healthy quarterback. This update to the emergency quarterback rule provides teams with more flexibility and options in case of unexpected circumstances on game day.

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