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Preparing Goodie Bags for Thanksgiving | Local News, Sports, Employment Opportunities


Nov 21, 2023

Bernie Clarke, a volunteer at the Lake Placid Ecumenical Food Pantry, was responsible for manning the stuffing station of the Thanksgiving bag assembly line on Monday. Throughout Monday morning, volunteers at the Lake Placid Ecumenical Food Pantry at St. Agnes Church worked together to pack bags for over an hour. Organizer Linda Young estimated that they would distribute approximately 275 bags of food throughout the day.

The volunteers diligently packed the bags, ensuring that each one was filled with essential food items for Thanksgiving. The assembly line worked efficiently, with everyone doing their part to make sure that the bags were prepared and ready for distribution.

Their efforts were in service of the local community, and their dedication to this cause was evident in the care and attention they put into packing each bag. The Lake Placid Ecumenical Food Pantry serves an important role in providing assistance to those in need, and the volunteers working there are committed to making a positive impact in the lives of others.

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