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Pros of sports betting in Missouri


Sep 14, 2023

Several professional sports teams in Missouri are supporting a sports betting petition, with four different initiatives currently under consideration. Once approved, supporters will be able to collect signatures. Experts in sports betting regulation and advocates in Missouri see these initiatives as a means to bypass the state Legislature. Brett Koenig, co-founder of Let MO Play, expressed that the initiatives are a response to the frustration felt by Missouri sports teams who are eager to donate but tired of waiting for progress. Kansas City, which has previously shown support for sports betting in Missouri, reached out to the Royals. The team welcomes progress in the state to provide fans with new ways to engage with their favorite sports teams. The Royals believe that this progress will ensure equal opportunities for fans in Missouri, as well as neighboring states. Missouri risks losing potential tax revenue as residents place bets across state lines, resulting in funding being diverted from the state’s education system. The delay in legalizing sports betting is costing the state millions of dollars in tax revenue. If the petition is approved, it would require approximately 175,000 valid signatures to bring the issue to the ballot in 2024. Meanwhile, the state Legislature has the opportunity to pass its own sports betting bill. State Sen. Denny Hoskins has received criticism for failing to pass sports betting legislation but has expressed support for the idea and wants more video lottery terminals included in the bill.

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