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Protesters in Spain Oppose Amnesty for Catalan Separatists and Criticize Sanchez as a Delinquent


Nov 20, 2023

Tens of thousands of people gathered in Madrid (Spain) to protest the future amnesty law for Catalan separatist leaders and activists, which allowed the government left, led by Pedro Sánchez, to be reappointed. The rally occurred in Cibeles Square, where around 170,000 demonstrators waved Spanish and European flags while shouting slogans of protest. Protesters criticized Prime Minister Sánchez for his role in promoting the dismantling of Spain by supporting the Catalan separatist movement. Demonstrators called for Sánchez to be removed from power, labeling him as a traitor and a delinquent.

The rally was organized in response to the reappointment of socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, which was enabled by him negotiating to obtain the support of party regionalists, including the Catalan independence parties. These concessions included the upcoming adoption of a very controversial amnesty law for separatist leaders and activists. Demonstrators and political party leaders voiced their opposition to the Prime Minister and his alleged attempt to divide the Spanish population by supporting separatist causes. As a result, protests broke out across the country, drawing attention and concern from other European countries.

The rally drew attention to the Prime Minister’s willingness to negotiate with Catalan separatist leaders and activists to stay in power, which has divided the Spanish population. The protest in Madrid was met with national attention as the right-wing leaders called for the unity of the country and accused Sánchez of ignoring significant opposition to the amnesty law. The rally demonstrated the deep divides in Spanish politics and the rising tension surrounding the issue of Catalan separatism.

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