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Puppy Yoga in Chicago: A Source of Stress Relief and Mental Health Benefits – NBC Chicago


Feb 13, 2024

Animal-assisted therapy combined with yoga has been popular, with the trend being puppies. Danielle Kerr, owner of Goat Yoga Chicago in South Barrington states, “It’s like animal-assisted therapy combined with yoga, whether it’s a goat or a puppy.
It started in 2015 with Goat Yoga and expanded into puppy yoga after a call from the founder of Second City Canine Rescue. The puppies are rescue pets and puppy yoga classes change depending on the schedule of puppies available. Once they are ready, times and dates are sent out. The American Heart Association states that playing with dogs raises feel-good chemicals in the brain and lower blood pressure. This, according to Danielle Kerr, she states, “And just to know that you’re doing something good, so the puppies get socialized, and they get to go to good homes after that. And then you know that you played a part in that which is pretty cool too.” Danielle states.
Christina Morrison, Development Director for Second City Canine Rescue adds, “You can do the yoga and pet a puppy or you can just sit there and pet a puppy. We don’t care. It just brightens everyone’s day. I never see anyone leaving here still stressed out or unhappy.”

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