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Put an End to Secret Sessions: Lawmakers Need to Serve the People in Public.


Sep 16, 2023

The Capitol Broadcasting Company expresses concern over the exclusion of certain members and the lack of transparency in recent sessions of the North Carolina House of Representatives. These closed-door meetings addressed important issues such as the state budget, Medicaid expansion, and state employee pay, but were limited to select representatives and denied access to reporters and the public. Speaker Tim Moore provided a limited account of the discussions to the media, further raising questions about the transparency of these sessions. The public only became aware of certain details through intercepted emails, revealing that House Republicans did not have enough votes to pass the budget bill. The editorial argues that these closed sessions are essentially de facto sessions of the House, where decisions affecting the law are made without public scrutiny. It criticizes the choreographed debates in formal sessions and the deletion of opposing opinions. Unlike other state legislatures, the North Carolina General Assembly is largely exempt from the Open Meetings and Open Records Act. The editorial emphasizes the need for openness and transparency in the legislative process, allowing the public to see the entire process and hold representatives accountable. It calls on members of the House to act in the public interest and restore trust by ending the secret sessions. The Capitol Broadcasting Company welcomes comments and encourages readers to submit letters to the editor on this or any other opinion piece.

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