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Qatar Continues Labor Reforms after World Cup, Though Concerns for Migrant Workers Persist


Feb 10, 2024

In Doha, Qatar, Lionel Messi captivated the world as he held up the World Cup trophy in the grand Lusail Stadium, leading Argentina to a thrilling victory in the 2022 World Cup. The event was witnessed by around 90,000 fans in the stadium and millions more worldwide. Despite initial concerns about the treatment of migrant workers and criticism over the decision to hold the World Cup in the Middle East, the tournament turned out to be a massive success for both Qatar and FIFA.

The moment was a culmination of Messi’s lifelong dream and an example of the power of sport to captivate and unite people from all over the world. Some may see it as a form of sportswashing, but there is no denying the impact of such a momentous occasion.

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