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The grand opening of Great Famicom World Hollywood is approaching February seventeenththe door (pipe?) is perhaps opened for the first time when the US challenges the topical Japanese attraction.

Foremost as a lot as the massive day, we now have seen many snaps from these lucky ample to go to for press excursions and promotions. It is practically equal to the one current in Osaka.

We’re talking about Mario-themed meals, in spite of everything. For primarily probably the most half, Hollywood’s menu seems to be like pretty good correct now, and early reactions are normally constructive for every the alternatives and the experience itself. , with one downgrade recognized on Twitter. @Acuna_Mattataand it is not a fairly picture for dessert followers.

Frequent Japan’s Princess Peach Cake and Frequent Hollywood’s Princess Peach Cake.

Downgrade of the century.

— Matt Acuna (@Acuna_Mattata) January 17, 2023

As seen throughout the tweet above, Hollywood theme parks have swapped Osaka’s multi-layer peach cake, vaguely reminiscent of the “thanks” cake from the ending of Great Mario 64, for one factor relatively extra…. pink.

Yeah, the promise of the cake Peach baked for Mario is a bit more disappointing when you might have been anticipating picture 1 and ended up with picture 2. Merely to clarify, the sensible cupcakes nonetheless look good will (hmm reddish) nonetheless that’s type of a downgrade and I’ve to agree.

In any case, SNES World Hollywood’s menu is further than merely desserts, so compared with Japan, the overall menu will not be disappointing. That features Mario Kart rides, interactive reveals, and a gift retailer, I is perhaps lying if I didn’t say that this new venue was all equally pretty.

Cake Catastrophe or Dessert Delight? Inform us your preferences throughout the suggestions below!


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