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Rasheed Rice could potentially be disciplined by the NFL or Kansas City Chiefs


Apr 4, 2024

Chiefs receiver Rashee Rice is currently facing a multitude of problems stemming from a street racing incident that resulted in a six-car crash on Saturday night. The situation presents both civil and potential criminal liability for Rice, depending on whether he was driving one of the cars involved.

In addition to legal consequences, Rice may also face disciplinary action from the NFL or the Chiefs organization. The league could enforce penalties under the Personal Conduct Policy if it is determined that Rice was involved in street racing and left the scene of an accident with injuries. An NFL suspension could be a possibility in such a scenario.

For the Chiefs, deciding on how to handle Rice’s involvement presents a more complex issue. They could choose to release him from the team and potentially void his guaranteed salary for 2024, especially if it is confirmed that he was street racing. While a suspension for conduct detrimental to the team is another option, it may be challenging given that the incident occurred during the offseason and was unrelated to Rice’s performance on the field.

Despite the potential legal and professional ramifications, Rice’s primary concern should be the impact on his freedom. The six-car accident caused injuries to multiple individuals, creating additional employment-related complications for Rice that may need to be addressed.

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