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Reappointments to Greater Wheeling Sports and Entertainment Authority Transforming Norms | Latest Updates on News, Sports, and Job Opportunities


Sep 6, 2023

A vote on a resolution to reappoint members to the Greater Wheeling Sports and Entertainment Authority (GWSEA) Board took an unexpected turn during the Wheeling City Council meeting on Tuesday night. Mayor Glenn Elliott raised concerns about the lack of diversity on the GWSEA board, which consists of primarily white males. He urged the city council members to vote against the reappointments. Ultimately, the vote resulted in a split decision, with four members voting against the reappointments and three members voting in favor. As a result, the resolution failed to pass.

One of the main issues raised during the meeting was the lack of diversity on the GWSEA board. Mayor Elliott highlighted the fact that all board members were white, with only one female member. He emphasized the importance of having a diverse board, especially considering the board’s role in bringing in new shows and events to the area.

In addition to concerns about diversity, a procedural issue also contributed to the debate. Councilman Ty Thorngate expressed his concerns about not being properly consulted before the resolution was added to the agenda. He suggested that it would be more effective to review each reappointment individually, as opposed to approving them all at once.

Councilman Dave Palmer, who serves as a member of the GWSEA board, explained that the resolution was added to the agenda to address expired terms of some board members. He assured the council members that the reappointments were necessary for ensuring continuity and avoiding any potential legal issues.

Despite the divide among council members, it was made clear that there was no intention to remove any of the current board members. Mayor Elliott emphasized that the goal was to evaluate each new appointment individually. Palmer suggested that the council could add additional seats to the board to increase diversity, rather than penalizing current members who have served well.

In conclusion, the vote on the resolution to reappoint members to the GWSEA Board ended in a split decision due to concerns about diversity and procedural issues. The lack of diversity on the board and the need for better consultation and evaluation of appointments were raised during the meeting. The issue of expired terms was also addressed, with reassurances that actions taken by the board were still valid. Moving forward, the council may consider adding more seats to increase diversity on the board.

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