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Record for World’s Longest Mullet Set by Tennessee Woman


Sep 1, 2023

Tami Manis, a 58-year-old woman from Knoxville, Tennessee, has recently been awarded the title of the world’s longest competitive mullet for a female. Her flowing mane measures an impressive 5ft 8in (172.72cm), almost the height of an average man. Tami, a public health nurse, has been rocking a mullet since the 1980s after being inspired by a music video from ‘Til Tuesday, an American rock band. She has not cut her hair in 33 years and her unique hairstyle will be recognized in the 2024 edition of the Guinness World Records book.

Tami’s mullet journey began when she watched the music video for the song Voices Carry over four decades ago. She was drawn to the girl in the video who had a rattail, which made her desire to have one as well. After cutting off her mullet in November 1989, she immediately regretted it and started growing it out again in February of the following year. Ever since then, she has refrained from trimming it. The mullet style, known for its short cut in the front, top, and sides and long length in the back, was highly popular in the 1980s and early 1990s, with celebrities like Billy Ray Cyrus, Mario Lopez, and Patrick Swayze embracing the trend.

Tami reveals that her long hair often catches people by surprise, as they do not realize its length until she turns around. To accomplish such impressive growth, she attributes it to her good genes and her use of a conditioner infused with Argan oil. However, managing such lengthy hair can be challenging. Tami’s hair is longer than she is, so she frequently braids it to keep it under control.

Prior to achieving her Guinness World Record title, Tami participated in the 2022 US Mullet Championships, where she secured second place. With her iconic mullet hairstyle, Tami Manis is making waves and capturing attention in the hairdressing world.

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