Refereeing error results in Riner winning world title

The International Judo Federation (IJF) has issued a statement regarding a controversial incident that took place during the final of the 100kg class at the 2023 World Judo Championships between Teddy Riner of France and Inal Tasoev of Russia. Tasoev was playing as a neutral player due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. According to the IJF, Tasoev should have been awarded one point during the golden-scoring period of extra time. This would make him the first judoka to score points in this match according to IJF regulations.

During the final, the referee on the mat and the IJF Referees Commission failed to score a goal. An attack by Riner was blocked and countered by Tasoev, but the decision was made to continue the match without awarding a point for the counterattack. However, experts later expressed that points could have been awarded for Tasoev’s counterattack.

The IJF Refereeing Committee apologized for its decision and stated that from now on, points will be awarded for this kind of conduct according to the current judo rules.

Despite the controversy, Riner retained his 11th world title and became the oldest world champion in history at the age of 34. The Guadeloupe native, who became the youngest men’s world champion in history in 2007, is aiming for his third individual Olympic gold. Tasoev was absent from the podium due to his status as a neutral player.

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