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Reflecting on World Vision’s Digital and Remote Child Protection Programs during COVID-19 in Somalia


Sep 19, 2023

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, World Vision has partnered with governments, organizations, and communities in over 70 countries to mitigate the impact on vulnerable children and families. This has been the largest global emergency response ever undertaken, aiming to address the risks facing these populations. This report specifically examines the strategies and adaptations that child protection programs have implemented during the pandemic. To gather information, a retrospective meta-review was conducted, analyzing case studies, project reports, and monitoring and evaluation documents from 18 World Vision offices. From this analysis, four case studies were selected for further examination: Somalia, Myanmar, Lebanon, and El Salvador. The review focused on identifying common themes and strategies across different contexts and programs. As a result of this analysis, six key lessons and recommendations for digital and remote child protection programs have been identified. These recommendations are based on the gathered information and findings from the selected case studies. Furthermore, these insights and recommendations align with digital development principles. Despite facing numerous challenges, World Vision offices have demonstrated adaptability and agility in utilizing remote and digital means to protect children from violence within the rapidly changing COVID-19 environment. Furthermore, this period of reflection and evidence generation has resulted in important insights and recommendations to enhance the safety and access of child protection programs, particularly for vulnerable communities and children.

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