Reordering Postnatal Mental Health: The Priorities of New Mothers

Becoming a new mother is an emotional experience that can easily make moms forget about their own mental health. Dr. Navya Mysore, a primary care physician and National Program Director for Reproductive Health at One Medical, says that there are a lot of hormonal changes that happen after giving birth, which can lead to postpartum blues. Postpartum blues usually last two to six weeks after giving birth. If the symptoms persist or worsen beyond four to six weeks, it could indicate that the parent is suffering from postpartum depression.

New mothers who experience postpartum depression may feel more isolated, experience a lack of motivation, cry more often, think more about self-harm and harming the baby or may have difficulty bonding with the baby. However, there are certain steps that new mothers can take to make their own mental health a priority after their baby is born.

Mysore suggests that mothers prepare before their baby is born, spend their first week with loved ones and make plans to help them recover to reduce anxiety. Mothers should also ask for help when they need it and not try to do everything themselves. Taking a break from social media and going outside for fresh air can also help. It’s important not to compare what mothers were able to do before their baby was born with what they can do now. Keeping the to-do list short and consulting a doctor if necessary is important.

By following these simple steps, new mothers can keep their cups full of energy and help avoid burnout. When mothers take care of themselves, they can give more to their babies.

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