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Repercussions of PedWest border closures on the economy


Sep 19, 2023

Good morning, this is Debbie Crews, bringing you the news for Tuesday, September 19th. Today, we will be discussing the impact of the closure of the Pedo West border crossing in San Isidro on the local economy. But first, let’s take a look at the headlines.

Fall is almost here, and the National Weather Service predicts that temperatures will start to cool down this week. Coastal and desert areas of the county can expect temperatures near normal, while valleys and mountains may experience temperatures up to 20 degrees below average. Today, temperatures will be in the mid-70s in the inland valleys, along the coast, and in the mountains. Desert areas of the county can expect temperatures in the upper 60s and mid-90s. Thursday is expected to be the coolest day, with a chance of light rain.

Today is National Voter Registration Day, a reminder for everyone to register to vote and ensure their registration is up to date. Election day is coming up on November 7th, and there are important races and measures to consider. One of the races is to fill the county’s vacant District 4 seat, and the Board of Supervisors will also address the Chula Vista City Attorney vacancy and separation measures between Fallbrook Public Utilities and the Rainbow City Water District. For more information, visit kpbs.org.

In exciting news, two local universities, UC-SD and SD-SU, have been recognized by Forbes magazine as top public universities. UC-SD ranked third in the country, and SD-SU ranked sixteenth. Forbes compiled a list of the 500 best public and private universities in America, and then extracted the top 25 public schools based on various factors. This recognition highlights the academic excellence of these universities.

Now, let’s discuss the closure of the Pedo West border crossing in San Isidro and its impact on the local economy. The closure was unexpected and came as a blow to businesses in the border region. The crossing was closed due to increased immigration and limited resources. This closure worsens an already challenging situation for businesses, and many see it as a threat to the economy. The closure has affected the San Ysidro business community, which has already been heavily impacted by pandemic closures. The pedestrian traffic through Pedo West has significantly decreased, causing long wait times at the border and affecting workers who commute from Tijuana to San Diego. It is estimated that these long border wait times cost the San Diego-Tijuana region billions of dollars in lost economic output each year. The reopening of the Pedo West crossing is eagerly anticipated, but no timeline has been provided by Customs and Border Protection.

In other news, Imperial Beach took legal action against oil and coal companies six years ago for property damage related to climate change. This recent decision by California’s major oil companies to be sued is not new ground, as Imperial Beach had already joined other counties in similar lawsuits. The ongoing lawsuit alleges that greenhouse gas emissions have caused rising sea levels, leading to coastal flooding, erosion, and the need for infrastructure rebuilding. The lawsuit also claims that the fossil fuel industry intentionally misled the public.

Unfortunately, popular areas for sea lion viewing in La Jolla will not reopen to the public this fall. These areas, such as Point La Jolla, have been closed to protect both the sea lions and the public. City officials have struggled to prevent people from getting too close to the sea lions, as it can cause aggressive behavior and the abandonment of offspring by mother sea lions. The closure during the spawning season aims to minimize interactions and conflicts and ensure the public can observe wildlife from a safe distance.

That’s all for today’s news. Thank you for listening, and have a great day!

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