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Report: Andrew Siciliano and other key personnel, including the face of ‘Red Zone Channel,’ let go from NFL Network


Apr 4, 2024

On Wednesday, NFL Network made changes to its on-air talent roster, laying off hosts Andrew Siciliano, Melissa Stark, James Palmer, and Will Selva. While the names were not officially confirmed by the network, a spokesperson did acknowledge that cuts were happening as part of the normal evaluation process for the upcoming 2024 season.

Among those who were reportedly let go, Siciliano, Stark, Palmer, and Selva were considered popular and talented personalities on the network. Siciliano, known for his anchoring and work on the “Red Zone Channel,” Stark as an analyst and sideline reporter, Palmer as an analyst and news-breaker, and Selva as the anchor of “Good Morning Football.”

The decision to cut ties with these hosts is seen as part of a broader cost-cutting effort at NFL Network, despite being directly supported by the profitable NFL. The network’s morning show, “Good Morning Football,” is also undergoing changes, with a relocation from New York to Los Angeles announced.

It is speculated that these cost-cutting measures could be a strategic move to make NFL Network more appealing in a potential equity swap with ESPN. Earlier reports had suggested that the NFL and ESPN were in talks for an equity stake exchange, with ESPN gaining control of NFL Network and other media assets. Though there have been no updates on the status of this deal, the recent layoffs could be connected to this potential agreement.

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