Report suggests that early diagnosis and personalized care could decrease menopause healthcare expenses.

A new report has highlighted the hidden costs of menopausal symptoms for women. The report, released by Electra Health, a digital women’s health platform, found that underdiagnosis and unnecessary testing and care can lead to significant expenses for women. Less than one-fifth of women are correctly diagnosed with early menopause, and even those with a correct diagnosis often undergo unnecessary tests and treatments before receiving proper care. Women clinically diagnosed with menopause have approximately 45% higher medical costs per year than those who are not.

Despite a correct diagnosis, many women still struggle with seeking proper care, which can result in the need for additional specialized care and further testing—as well as higher costs. “Menopause is directly correlated with several high-cost factors in women’s health care,” said Alessandra Henderson, CEO and co-founder of Elektra Health. According to Henderson, early intervention and preventive care are essential to promote long-term health outcomes and cost savings. Finally, menopause’s hidden costs can be significant, especially for healthcare plans and employers.

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