Reportedly, the Nets are uninterested in trading Michal Bridges to the Blazers for the third pick.

The NBA off-season is in full swing, and with it comes a flurry of trade rumors. Perhaps the most talked-about rumor revolves around the Portland Trail Blazers, who surprisingly moved up to the third overall pick in the NBA draft lottery. While this gives them the opportunity to add a promising young player, they may instead opt to trade the pick in exchange for a veteran who can help Damian Lillard win now.

One name that has come up frequently in this discussion is Brooklyn Nets forward Michal Bridges. He is seen as the Nets’ best player and the only asset they would trade to start a true rebuild. However, reports indicate that Brooklyn is not interested in trading Bridges, despite multiple offers from other teams, including the Memphis Grizzlies who reportedly offered four first-round picks.

Bridges is viewed as the core of Brooklyn’s future, having averaged 26.1 points per game in 27 games with the team. He is a talented two-way player, excelling in both scoring and defense. As such, he is seen as a valuable commodity, especially considering his relatively cheap contract and his position as a small forward – a position that is often hard to fill.

Should the Blazers decide to trade their No. 3 pick, they will have no shortage of suitors. However, Michal Bridges is the kind of player who rarely gets traded, and given his success with the Nets, it seems unlikely that Brooklyn would be willing to let him go.

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