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Review: The Jungle Bunch World Tour Takes Viewers on a Wild Ride with a Chaotic Beaver in This Animated Sequel


Feb 11, 2024

The sequel to the forgettable 2017 French animation The Jungle Bunch is a lively yet ultimately shallow adventure that takes viewers on a global journey with the forest-defending heroes. This time, the plucky gang faces off against a new enemy in the form of a deranged beaver and his army of brainwashed hench-beavers, who are hell-bent on deforesting the jungle.

Unfortunately, the film falls short in the humor department, with a reliance on toilet-based jokes and action set pieces overpowering any comedic moments. This is particularly puzzling given its target audience of young children, making the inclusion of sappy interspecies relationship subplots seem out of place.

The film’s storyline seems haphazardly put together, with the beavers’ natural affinity for trees conflicting with their leader’s goal of complete deforestation. The lack of depth in the plot and character development makes this sequel an inconsequential addition to the series.

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