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rewrite this title 25 million euros allocated to Croatian islands for adaptation to climate change…


Nov 21, 2023

The Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds has announced that 25 million euros out of the 400 million euros provided for strengthening the civil protection system will be allocated to the Croatian islands for adaptation to climate change. Life on Ošljak Croatian islands will receive this funding for adapting to climate change and managing climate-related risks, such as fires, storms, and droughts.

In the coming weeks, calls for allocation will be published for grants for the purchase of rescue helicopters, firefighting equipment, and demining equipment to strengthen the civil protection system. The implementation of projects worth 400 million euros by 2029 includes the development of video surveillance and early fire detection systems, as well as investment in flood defense, especially the continuation of the flood defense project in the Karlovac-Sisak area. Additionally, it is planned to invest in the establishment of regional centers of civil protection, with construction planned in Varaždin, Osijek, Rijeka, Split, and Zagreb.

The Disaster Risk Management Strategy until 2030 includes 82 projects worth 1.8 billion euros, according to the Directorate of Civil Protection. The Directorate is currently engaged in the implementation of projects worth 300 million euros, with another 200 million euros planned. This includes projects to improve the early warning system, demining, construction of the National Teaching Center of Civil Protection, putting into operation the new Operations Center of the Civil Protection, modernization of the information and communication system of the Civil Protection, equalization of opportunities for people with disabilities, protection of cultural heritage, and resilience of critical infrastructure.

There are also plans to purchase vehicles, vessels, and equipment for members of the State Intervention civil protection units for search and rescue from ruins and water, supplying firefighters with the necessary vehicles, vessels, and protective equipment, as well as the purchase of an educational vehicle in the form of an earthquake simulator. Additionally, 105 million euros have been secured for remotely controlled systems for chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear decontamination and the fight against cross-border threats to health, and the procurement of containers and tents to accommodate 1,000 people.

These are additional capacities of the EU to respond to extraordinary events, and they will be available to Croatia in the event of the need to provide international assistance.

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