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rewrite this title 39% of Spaniards believe that mastering generative AI will help them get promoted at work


Nov 21, 2023

A report prepared by Salesforce reveals that over a third of Spaniards believe that mastering generative AI will help them get a promotion at work. However, it also warns that the lack of clearly defined policies around its use may be putting companies at risk. The study reflects that the majority of Spanish workers have used generative AI tools that are not formally approved by their company, and many have done so without training, guidance, or approval.

The report, titled ‘The Promises and Difficulties of Generative AI at Work’, shows that company policies and training around generative AI are not clearly defined and are, at best, ambiguous. Despite this, workers recognize the importance of this technology in advancing their own careers, with 74% of workers who use it saying it makes them more productive.

The lack of training and clearly defined policies leads users to perform ethically questionable activities at work when using generative AI, such as passing off AI work as their own or inflating their skills. This is one of the factors that causes the barriers to using generative AI at work.

The report also shows that workers believe mastering generative AI would make them more in demand in their workplace, lead to greater job satisfaction, and imply a higher salary. Generative AI is also seen as an element of talent attraction and retention, as it makes workers more engaged in their work.

In conclusion, the report urges companies to invest in generative AI tools that are safe, ethical, and reliable, and to take a step forward in training their employees on the safe and ethical use of AI. It emphasizes the importance of using generative AI effectively, safely, and ethically in the workplace.

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