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rewrite this title A sleepless night and a terrible thunderstorm in Zagreb. They thought it was an earthquake: ‘What an apocalypse…’


Nov 21, 2023

A terrible thunderstorm hit the Zagreb area around 2 a.m. tonight, causing many a sleepless night. Twitter users expressed their surprise and discomfort at being woken up by the strong thunder. One user even mistook the thunder for an earthquake in the darkness. The change in weather and cyclones brought about the strong thunder, according to Dunja Plačko Vršnak from DHMZ. The intensity of the thunder was so strong that many people thought it was an earthquake, as evidenced by tweets from the EMSC.

The EMSC tweet mentioned strong shaking and sound in the northern part of Zagreb, with additional users commenting on the rumbling and slight shaking in their respective areas. The thunderstorm left a lasting impression on the residents of Zagreb, as they took to social media to share their experiences.

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