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rewrite this title Biden celebrates his 81st birthday: For many, he is too old, but doctors describe him as healthy and strong


Nov 20, 2023

American President Joe Biden is celebrating his 81st birthday, but although he tries to joke his age away, he knows it can be a disadvantage. His increasing age could hinder his chances in the 2024 presidential election, and he has faced concerns over his physical and mental fitness. A recent survey in six states found that 71 percent of voters believe he is too old to be president. On the other hand, former president Donald Trump, who is 77, only has 39 percent of voters with the same opinion regarding his age.

Although Biden has presented his age as a sign of wisdom and maturity, his appearance does match his age. He jokes about being old, but stories about the way he boards Air Force One, stiff gait, and slurred speech line up with these concerns. However, Biden dismisses these concerns, stating that his age is proof of wisdom, especially when it comes to political issues and world events.

It has been suggested that Biden may be a “supersenior,” which refers to individuals who remain physically fit at a very advanced age due to genetic reasons. Biden and Trump both fall into this category, according to experts. Biden plans to travel around the country for the 2024 election, which he hopes to win in pursuit of a second term. Time will tell whether voters will place a bet on his longevity.

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