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rewrite this title Citizens paid a total of €969.7 million for the ‘people’s treasury’


Nov 21, 2023

The Republic of Croatia, represented by the Ministry of Finance, has successfully concluded the first “national” issue of treasury bills in the total nominal amount of 1.13 billion euros with maturity on November 21, 2024. In the first round of registration, which was intended for natural persons and lasted from November 13 to 20, a total of 37,229 offers from citizens for the registration of treasury bills were received through the network of 170 branches of Fine. Out of that number, 36,643 bids were paid in a total nominal amount of 1.01 billion euros.

Treasury bills in the first round were subscribed at a price of 963.95 euros for one bill with a nominal amount of one thousand euros, whereby this difference is equivalent to the annual yield rate of 3.75 percent, so in the end citizens paid a total of 969.7 million euros. After registering in Fina, citizens could pay the treasury bills at the counters of that agency or commercial banks, as well as via internet banking.

The second round of treasury bills registration was held today, November 21, with the participation of registered users through the Bloomberg auction system, and 22 bids were received in the total amount of EUR 340.65 million, as stated by the Ministry of Finance. In the second round, ten offers in the amount of EUR 124.15 million were finally accepted, with a realized discounted price of EUR 964.88, which is equivalent to an annual yield rate of 3.65 percent, the Ministry reported.

The treasury bills will be issued to the name in the dematerialized form of an electronic record on the securities account in the computer system of the Central Clearing Depository Company (SKDD), which will enter their treasury bill positions into the investors’ accounts on November 23.

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