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Nov 20, 2023

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American Lynne Zekis is 73 years old, loves disco and wears clothes for young people. She doesn’t let her age stop her from hitting the clubs. – I get ready at 1:30 in the morning. Don’t let age hold you back! – she tells her followers, with dance moves, on social networks. For the evening, she wore a black and white crop top with a print and a matching mini skirt, combined with a small black bag. She also took sunglasses to hide her wrinkles while enjoying the music. Many commented, but also praised Lynne and called her an ‘inspiration’. – I am 26 years old and I get tired just standing – they write. – Inspiration. If I don’t grow old like this, I’ll drop out – they add. – Well done girl! You show us young people how it’s done! I’m so glad – they praised Lynne. – I’m so happy because I’m here to inspire the youth that aging is not what it used to be, I’m just asking you to stay healthy, keep a young mindset and keep moving – Lynne told them. Someone commented on her two pints, and she explained that it was a completely natural drink. – It’s funny when I was younger, I had less energy because there were more demands on me, but as you get older life relaxes, sometimes you get a second wind – says party member Zekis. – If this is not me at the age of 73… then nothing – they comment. Lynne admitted that she was nervous before going to the club, but says that it’s all in the attitude, and thanks you for your support. – Thank you, but what’s amazing is that I’m still alive, please take care of your health and I wish you a long life – concludes Lynne.

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