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rewrite this title Ivošević reported Plenković for insulting him: ‘He called Milanović’s statements moronic…’


Nov 20, 2023

The Split deputy mayor, Bojan Ivošević, recently filed a misdemeanor complaint against Prime Minister Andrej Plenković for insulting and belittling state bodies, specifically President Zoran Milanović. Ivošević had been fined 700 euros earlier in the month for a similar violation, when he confronted the illegal felling of a tree in Split and insulted the police officers involved in the situation.

Ivošević made his complaint against the Prime Minister public on Facebook, stating that he wanted to test whether the police would act with the same diligence when other state bodies are insulted and belittled. He expressed his belief that Mayor Ante Balov would handle the situation in a similar manner to previous cases, where misdemeanor orders were issued against individuals for similar conduct.

In his announcement, Ivošević referenced the police’s earlier action against him and expressed his hope for equal treatment in the case against Prime Minister Plenković. He called attention to the Prime Minister’s alleged insulting and belittling of President Milanović and stated his expectation for appropriate repercussions in accordance with the law.

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