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rewrite this title Kremlin: Putin to give Russian view on world situation at G20 virtual summit


Nov 20, 2023

Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the Hermitage museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia on November 17, 2023. During his visit, he explored the historic museum and experienced the cultural heritage of the region.

The Kremlin announced that President Putin will be addressing an upcoming virtual G20 summit to outline Russia’s perspective on the “deeply unstable world situation.” This address will provide an opportunity for Putin to share Russia’s views on global issues and engage with Western leaders, marking the first event in a long time to include both Putin and Western leaders.

The G20 virtual summit is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, and Putin will participate via video link in a discussion about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as part of the BRICS bloc of nations summit on Tuesday. This presents an opportunity for Putin to engage with other global leaders on pressing international matters.

The upcoming virtual summits and Putin’s participation mark significant diplomatic engagements for Russia, offering a platform for dialogue and collaboration with other countries on critical global issues. These events provide a valuable opportunity for Russia to share its perspective and contribute to international discussions on key global challenges.

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