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rewrite this title Liquor bottles for washing and hamburger boxes for history? The European Parliament will vote on a controversial regulation that would bring a bill of hundreds of millions to Finnish companies


Nov 20, 2023

rewrite this content and create paragraphs BrusselsOn Wednesday in Strasbourg, the European Parliament will vote on its position on the packaging waste regulation.The commission issued a proposal on it in November last year. The goal of the presentation is to reduce the amount of packaging waste, limit overpackaging and increase reuse.According to the Commission, the proposal would bring total economic savings of more than 47 billion euros in the EU.Overpacking is prohibited in the presentation. This means, for example, double walls, false floors and unnecessary layers.The commission also wants to ban the use of disposable containers in restaurants and cafes. Utensils may be used for take away sales, but not when eating inside restaurants.The commission would also ban single-use packaging for fruits and vegetables and small shampoo bottles in hotels.More than 500 amendment proposals have been tabled in Parliament.“The vote will be complicated and difficult”, MEP Elsi Katainen (central) foresee.In Finland, the Government has considered it important that reducing packaging should not lead to an increase in food waste or endangering food safety.Wednesday’s vote is about the Parliament’s negotiating position. The law takes its final shape in the so-called trilogy negotiations between the EU Commission, the Parliament and the Council of the member states. There is a rush to start them if the law is to be completed in this legislative period. The Parliament will be on election vacation from the end of spring.The environment committee of the European Parliament voted on packaging waste already in October. The matter will now be considered by the plenary session.The majority of the members of the environment committee supported the proposal that at least 20 percent of non-alcoholic beverages should be offered in reusable packaging from 2030.Food Industry Association has estimated that this change would cause the Finnish food industry additional costs of hundreds of millions of euros.In the opinion of the food industry, juices, milks, smoothies and plant-based beverages should be excluded from the reuse goals.In the association’s opinion, reusing packaging would weaken hygiene and shorten the shelf life of products.Also Brewers Association has reacted negatively to the Commission’s proposal. The commission’s idea is that the packaging would circulate from consumers back to industry to be refilled.In Finland, pawned beverage packaging circulates as a raw material. The packages are flattened or crushed. Their raw material is used as new packaging or other products. The reform would therefore require large investments from the brewing industry.According to the Brewery Association, transporting packaging for washing and refilling would increase carbon dioxide emissions, energy consumption and chemical load.MEP Henna Virkkunen (kok) is of the opinion that the Commission presented its proposal with very inadequate impact assessments.“This is a controversial presentation because it does not take into account life cycle thinking properly.”Virkkunen says that reducing packaging waste is important because almost 200 kilograms of waste is produced per person per year.“The commission has gone to the prohibition line. It sets out restrictions on food packaging. We should remember that food waste causes much bigger environmental problems.”The greens’ meppi Ville Niinistö says that in Finland it is customary to defend the current practice of the country without thinking about how it could be developed.In his opinion, recyclability is also important in wood-based products.“On that side too, we must strive to develop the use so that recyclability and carbon sequestration are longer than a few weeks or months.”In Niinistö’s opinion, the goal of the packaging waste regulation should be to improve recyclability and reduce the number of disposable products.“However, it is necessary to ensure that the form in which they are used is the best possible. Then bio-based products are of course better than oil-based ones.”MEP Eero Heinäluoma (sd) says that the commission’s proposal would lead to the fact that used plastic containers should be sent for washing.“In a country like Finland with long distances, it doesn’t work at all. In some countries with large centers it can work.”According to him, there is a game going on in which we “buy” the support of big countries for the show by giving exceptions to the EU’s name-protected products.“If the food is particularly valuable and has a label of origin, the rules would not apply to it. This is a bad, misguided and immoral development.”MEP of the Basic Finns Pirkko Ruohonen-Lerner says that packaging waste is a multifactorial issue.“The most important thing is that hygiene is maintained at a certain level.”Plenary session of the European ParliamentThe European Parliament meets in plenary session from Monday to Thursday in Strasbourg, France.On Tuesday, MEPs will vote on the Parliament’s negotiating position for a proposal that promotes the repairability of products even after the warranty period has expired.On Wednesday, the parliament will form its position on packaging waste and the sustainable use of plant protection agents.On Wednesday, the parliament will also vote on whether it recommends a candidate for the Finnish government Petri Sarvamaata (kok) to become a member of the European Court of Auditors.Mounjaro welcher Preis? | JOGL
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