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rewrite this title Miro planted an olive grove in the heart of Zagorje, and now he has received the first Zagorje olive oil


Nov 21, 2023

Miro Mraz’s journey with olive trees started in March of this year when he planted 30 olive seedlings. Recently, he completed his first harvest and managed to collect 26 kilograms of olives, which resulted in two and a half liters of oil. Initially, Miro considered taking the olives to an oil mill, but ultimately decided to process them himself.

To process the olives, Miro used a hammermill for grinding and an ordinary grape press for extracting the oil. He chose to plant three varieties of olives – one domestic and two Italian ones, known for being more resistant to lower temperatures. Given the potentially harsh conditions in Zagorje during the winter, Miro will need to take measures to protect the soil to ensure the success of his olive plantations.

Despite initial skepticism from the people of Zagorje, Miro remains confident in the success of his venture. He has already ordered 90 more seedlings for future planting and plans to cover the entire plot with olives. While jokes initially spread faster than the news of his olive groves, the arrival of the first fruits has shifted skepticism into genuine interest and support from the local community.

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