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rewrite this title Netanyahu does not want the return of the Palestinian Authority to Gaza and accuses it of “denying the massacre” of the festival


Nov 21, 2023

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has made it clear that there will be no return of the Palestinian Authority to power in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip after the war. He expressed this stance in response to American President Joe Biden’s call for reunification of the two territories under the governance of a “revitalized Palestinian Authority”. Netanyahu quickly disagreed with this proposal, stating that the current form of the Palestinian Authority is not able to take responsibility for Gaza after the conflict.

Netanyahu went even further by accusing the president of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, of denying the massacre of the “Tribe of Nova” Festival, and denying the existence of the massacre altogether. He also criticized Abbas for refusing to condemn the Hamas massacre for 44 days. This led Netanyahu to declare that Israel will not allow the civilian administration of Gaza to deny terrorism, support terrorism, pay for terrorism, and educate children for terrorism.

Furthermore, Netanyahu referred to a statement from the Palestinian Authority claiming that an Israeli armed forces helicopter caused collateral casualties while trying to eliminate Hamas terrorists who were attacking the festival. This information could not be verified by the Parisian. Despite Biden’s plea for reunification and revitalization of the Palestinian Authority, Netanyahu has made his stance very clear.

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