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rewrite this title OpenAI CEO Altman says UAE could serve as an AI ‘regulatory sandbox’ for the world


Feb 13, 2024

OpenAI’s CEO Sam Altman believes that the United Arab Emirates may be able to serve as a global “regulatory sandbox” to test out artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and then possibly set up worldwide rules governing their use. He expressed his opinion while speaking in a virtual appearance at a summit where he mentioned the UAE’s unique possibility of allowing experiments with the future and then examining the outcomes to determine proper regulatory measures in AI development.

According to Altman, it will be necessary to establish a unified policy to restrain future advancements in AI. With his company having propelled the technology into the mainstream via ChatGPT, Altman stated that he believes that the UAE is well positioned to lead in global discussions on these matters. In addition to these reasons, he also mentioned that he was aiming to attract investors from the Middle East for a semiconductor initiative geared towards advancing AI.

The UAE has made substantial investments in AI and has incorporated it into their key policy considerations, although it has also established ties with China, which have prompted some concerns in the United States. It was mentioned that a UAE-based AI company has plans to reduce its presence in China as a response to the pressure exerted by Washington. This company, G42, has, in the past, formed partnerships with OpenAI, Microsoft, and Cerebras Systems.

Altman also expressed that OpenAI has intentions to release some additional large-language models (LLMs) designed by the company, although the specific models have yet to be determined. Furthermore, the company desires to develop tools geared towards countries with limited resources that cannot afford the significant costs associated with the construction of their own AI infrastructures. LLMs are deep-learning AI algorithms that hold capacities to recognize, summarize, translate, predict, and generate content using very extensive data sets, making them a significant entity in AI development.

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