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Nov 21, 2023

The Headquarters for the Defense of the Croatian Village and the Union of Agricultural Employees of Slavonia and Baranja have announced plans to hold protests throughout Croatia on Wednesday. This is in response to their dissatisfaction with the state’s measures to suppress African swine fever. At a press conference on Tuesday, the president of the headquarters, Tomislav Pokrovac, called on all citizens to support the protests. He emphasized that the headquarters and the Trade Union of Agricultural Employees of Slavonia and Baranja take full responsibility for the protests.

Furthermore, Pokrovac urged the Government and the Ministry of Agriculture to come to a meeting they were invited to in order to solve the problem. He reiterated the key demands, which include the immediate cessation of euthanasia of healthy pigs, the urgent passing of a law that would enable the trade of healthy pigs, and the enabling of pig slaughter in the traditional way.

Additionally, it was announced that protests will be held in the area of Vukovar-Srijem County at the Županja-Orašje and Tovarnik-Šid border crossings. These protests will be held on the roads and in other parts of Croatia, as well as in front of the Ministry of Agriculture in Zagreb. The union, which was registered a month ago, aims to solve problems in Croatian agriculture and animal husbandry in a legal way.

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