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rewrite this title POLL How do you make sarma, are you one of those who put an egg in the mixture or not?


Nov 21, 2023

A discussion related to Sarma started on social networks. Some say that they put an egg in the mixture to make it firmer, that is, to bind the ingredients together. Others protest and claim that the egg has nothing to look for in the sarma.

We are interested in how you prepare it. We found this recipe in the ‘Book for Every Woman’, which was published back in 1952 in Zagreb, by the Croatian Peasant Press. According to her, it turns out that an egg goes into the sarma.

Ingredients: Procedure: Everything listed under ‘Sarma filling’ should be mixed well in a bowl. Remove the leaves from each head of greens and cut the ribs a little, to make them thinner, without injuring the leaf.

Put a leaf of sauerkraut in the palm of your hand, and a spoonful of this stuffing on the leaf. On the side of the hand where the little finger is, fold the end of the leaf. The end of the leaf that is closest to the bill, take and wrap the filling. There is one more end left that is not wrapped. Press it in with your fingers.

Make a light broth, cover it with water or soup, add chopped greens, salt, boil, place the sardines on top of the greens, cover the pot and cook slowly for 3 to 4 hours. If the greens are too sour, add 1 to 2 sugar cubes, and if you have whey, add it instead of water.

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