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rewrite this title The dean of the Zagreb FER announced the complete renovation of the buildings from


Nov 21, 2023

The exhibition “Feropolis” opened at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb on Wednesday. Dean Vedran Bilas announced the start of work on the complete renovation of the Faculty’s buildings from the 60s. The content of the exhibition follows three cycles of spatial development, from 1956 until today, while the development of the faculty in the spatial and scientific-academic sense follows the accelerated development of technical sciences. Branka Marijanović, the author of the exhibition, stated that there is a cyclical need for expansion.

Roman Šilje, President of the Association of Croatian Architects, highlighted the architectural complex of the FER in Vukovarska street as a key piece of modern Croatian architecture. He emphasized the contributions of a number of architects such as Galić, Ostrogović, Fabris, Haberle, Kučan, Tušek and Hržić, who have formed a unique architectural and urban author’s whole.

Dean Bilas explained that the motive for preparing the exhibition came from the intensive work on the complete renovation project over the last two years. He also mentioned that the infrastructure and overall development of the Faculty need to be addressed. In order to be able to develop further, FER will work in other locations as well in the near future, he added.

As the largest and most influential Croatian scientific and educational institution in the field of electrical engineering, computing and information and communication technologies, FER stands out for its contribution in building a better Croatia and as an indispensable part of Zagreb’s vision.

The Feropolis exhibition is open until April and will be available on the Virtual Exhibition platform of the National and University Libraries until further notice.

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