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rewrite this title The hero of the ‘fire’: Grandmothers, mothers and wives will no longer ask me ‘Ante, where is the goal’. I dedicate it to them!


Nov 21, 2023

Ante Budimir, Croatia’s striker in this qualification cycle, took his chance without hesitation and scored for the victory over Armenia, leading the team to the Euro in Germany. Budimir expressed his joy and satisfaction at being part of this success, dedicating his goal to his mom, wife, and grandmother.

Despite the team’s efforts, they showed mixed emotions about their performance in the game and the importance of being part of the national team. Budimir stated that it was important to stay in the present and not to lose hope, focusing on his club duties for the time being.

Looking ahead, Budimir remained confident in Croatia’s abilities and potential at the Euros, expressing no doubt that the team would perform their best on the field. He stated that Croatia knows what it wants in major competitions and will certainly bring their best to Germany.

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