rewrite this title Tiger Woods’ TMRW Sports Adds Justin Bieber and DJ Khaled as Investors – The Hollywood Reporter

An entertainment company co-founded by Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy, along with media veteran Mike McCurry, believes that there is an untapped desire for Justin Bieber, DJ Khaled, Macklemore, Darius Rucker, and Jake Owen in the world of sports. The three co-founders of TMRW Sports are joined by players like Woods, McIlroy, Adam Scott, and Jon Rahm—all of whom have committed to joining TMRW Sports’ first venture: a televised golf league called TGL.

The league aims to develop technology-enhanced golf competitions that will be played live in a custom-built arena during prime time. TMRW Sports’ initial investment round was led by his Connect Ventures and his 25madison Ventures, but has since been joined by a line of backers from the worlds of sports, entertainment, and technology.

The addition of investors such as MLB star Mike Trout, NBA legends Shaquille O’Neal and Dwyane Wade, Serena Williams and Justin Timberlake, and media veterans Dick Ebersol and Greg Maffei has strengthened the influence and expertise of the TMRW Sports investor group.

The co-founders and investors agree that the addition of music industry veterans underscores the connection between golf and pop culture. McCurry expressed, “Golf thrives on its growing cultural relevance across generations and demographic groups.” They believe that combining sport and technology holds immense potential for TMRW Sports’ vision, and are grateful for their investors’ support and belief.

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