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Nov 21, 2023

rewrite this content and create paragraphs Promote the diffusion of ultra-fast connectivity on the smaller islands and enable modern digital services for the benefit of businesses, citizens and local governments. This is what emerged during the meeting for the launch of the “Minor Islands Connection” Plan, a moment of participation and discussion on the topic, in the presence of institutional actors and the media.The event was organized by Elettra Tlc, in Palermo on the Teliri cable-laying ship, with the undersecretary of the Prime Minister with responsibility for Innovation, Alessio Butti, the head of the Department for digital transformation, Angelo Borrelli, the President of the IX Transport Commission, Posts and Telecommunications of the Chamber of Deputies, Salvatore Deidda, of the Mayor of Palermo, Roberto Lagalla, of the Councilor for Productive Activities of the Sicilian Region, Edy Tamajo, of the Presidency Table Member of the Parliamentary Intergroup “Southern Development, fragile areas and smaller islands”, Francesco del Deo, the President of Infratel Italia, Alfredo Maria Becchetti and the General Director of Electra Elio Rubino.“The start of work to connect our smaller islands with ultra-fast networks marks a fundamental step in the creation of an increasingly connected and inclusive Italy. This project not only guarantees fair and fast access to the Internet for island communities, but it also represents an investment in their economic development – underlines Undersecretary Alessio Butti – It is a concrete act of our government towards overcoming the digital divide and the affirmation of technological innovation as a growth tool for the country system. In particular, bringing the ultra-broadband in the smaller islands demonstrates our determination to leave no one behind on the path to digital progress.”“Digitalization, in addition to being a key objective of the Pnrr, is an important driver of economic growth and development of the social fabric for the territory. Infratel Italia, as the implementer of the interventions envisaged by the Pnrr, aims to provide adequate connectivity also to the smaller islands, bridging the infrastructure gap for the island areas and accelerating digital solutions for every area of ​​the country. – declares the president of Infratel Italia, Alfredo Maria Becchetti – The synergistic work between public entities and TLC operators, also in the Minor Islands Plan, is confirmed as virtuous. The creation of the optical backhaul for the 21 islands involved is a clear signal of the Government’s commitment to bringing connectivity even to the most difficult to access places in the country and enabling modern digital services for citizens, public administrations and businesses”.“We are very honored that the Department for Digital Transformation and Infratel Italia have assigned us the installation of optical connections that will be able to contribute to strengthening the economy of the Minor Islands, as well as improving the daily lives of residents – highlights the general director of Elettra Tlc, Elio Rubino – Elettra Tlc is one of the few companies in the world capable of installing or repairing submarine cables not only in the Mediterranean but also in the oceans, and each Elettra employee feels proud to be able to use, in this specific circumstance, their own professionalism at the service of one’s nation”.The “Minor Islands Connection” plan, explains the Department for Digital Transformation in a note, is financed and promoted by the Department of Digital Transformation with an investment of over 45 million euros from the Pnrr, is implemented by Infratel Italia and created by the operator successful bidder Elettra Tlc. The Plan aims to provide adequate connectivity to 21 smaller islands, which are currently characterized by a high level of digital divide caused by the limited capacity of the available backhaul networks (radio links or obsolete cables) for connection to the optical backbones of the Italian peninsula.Through the laying of submarine and terrestrial optical cables, the Plan makes it possible to enable modern digital services for businesses, citizens and local PAs, through the diffusion of ultra-broadband services, mobile connectivity services and, in perspective, services based on 5G technology. The financing is interesting 21 islands in the regions of Lazio, Puglia, Sicily, Tuscany and Sardinia, in particular: Capraia, Levanzo, Marettimo, Vulcano, Lipari, Salina, Filicudi, Alicudi, Panarea, Stromboli, Pantelleria, Linosa, Lampedusa, Ustica, Ponza, Ventotene, Santo Stefano, San Pietro, Asinara, San Nicola, San Domino. 62% of the islands affected by the Plan are in Sicily.404 · Lomography
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