Rewritten: The World’s Most Dangerous Fool: My Opinion on Vladimir Putin

In recent times, little has changed strategically in the war in Ukraine since its inception. As a foreign affairs columnist, the question of where to be arises, and the only viable option is in Vladimir Putin’s head. However, Putin has denied his brain a visa, making it difficult to understand why the war began and how it can be stopped. Putin sits in a situation where he cannot win or lose the war, nor can he afford to be defeated. He has no Plan B, which has led to indiscriminate bombing attacks on Ukrainian towns and civilian infrastructure. This has caused enough bloodshed among Ukrainians and fatigue among Western allies in Kiev. A large enough slice of Russian-speaking eastern Ukraine has also been annexed. Thus, Putin can sell this annexation to the Russian people as a great victory.

Putin’s invasion into Ukraine was ostensibly to protect Russian family values, as he claims that Western globalists and elites have destroyed this value, causing “Russophobia, aggressive nationalism, and the traditional family values that make a person a person” to emerge. However, Putin’s actions point to an operation dubbed “Operation Save My Face.” The president destroys civilian infrastructure in other countries until he can find enough cover to hide the facts.

Putin has learned that everybody talks, and in his case, he fears that his people are whispering about Ukraine. Despite the best efforts of the Russian media, stories of the tragedy of this war continue to break through. Putin understands that if the war comes to a clear defeat or ends without a victory, a regime change usually occurs. The only options that Putin has left are to either continue the war until Ukraine is completely depleted or Ukrainian fatigue permeates the West, or to somehow force a direct confrontation with the United States.

In conclusion, Putin’s Plan A has failed, and he is currently struggling to create a Plan B to justify the enormous loss he has incurred in the name of the country whose leaders refuse to retire peacefully.

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