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Rishi Sunak suggests Brexit presents an opportunity for Britain to align with India’s thriving economy


Sep 10, 2023

The meeting between Mr Sunak and Mr Modi was filled with warmth and enthusiasm. Mr Sunak expressed his joy at being present, while Mr Modi acknowledged the warm reception the British Prime Minister of Indian descent received during his visit to India. During the conversation, the Prime Minister explained that he supported Brexit because he believed that Britain’s ability to control its trade policy was advantageous. He emphasized the significance of countries like India and the Asia Pacific region in driving global growth in the future. Mr Sunak shared his perspective on India’s geopolitical importance in the coming years and decades, emphasizing the country’s young and vibrant population as a driving force behind its growth. He identified the economic ties between the UK and India as crucial in capitalizing on India’s potential for development and benefiting both countries. Mr Sunak also highlighted the trade deal as one of the benefits of Brexit.

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