Robbie Berger inks exclusive contract with UTA- The Hollywood Reporter

Robbie Berger, better known as the creator of the social media brand Bob Does Sports, has signed with UTA to represent all sectors of his brand. This includes Doing Things Media’s podcast Bob Does Sports, as well as the cast of his YouTube series, which includes Nick Stubb aka Fat Perez and Joe DeMere aka Joey Coldcutts.

Berger’s success comes from his ability to bring professional golfers and media content creators together in his social media space. Originally created as a platform for people to talk about different sports, Berger found that his content resonated with his audience more than anything else, and focused on that. He has also created a podcast, Brilliantly Dumb, which offers comedic perspectives on sports and everyday life.

Launched two years ago, Bob Does Sports features a ragtag group of players on the golf course with guest stars such as his influencer Berger, PGA champion Keegan Bradley, and Masters champion John Rahm. His brand has been watched by fans as he leads the way in creating engaging golf content.

Berger is also active in the field of brand partnerships, working with top brands such as Callaway Golf, DraftKings, Corona, and Celsior. In 2022, he and his team launched Breezy Golf, a line of golf apparel that has been a hit with his fans.

Breezy Golf and Bob Does Sports have also launched a series of golf tournaments called The Breezy Invitational. Berger will continue to be represented by Mortar Media’s Cameron Cadison and Weinstein Sr. LLP’s Mitch Federer. With this deal, Berger’s brand is sure to continue its upward trajectory in the world of social media and golf culture.

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