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Robert Saleh expresses confidence in Zach Wilson as the future leader.


Sep 12, 2023

Zach Wilson, the second pick in the 2021 draft, was originally expected to spend some time on the sidelines, learning from the experienced players. However, due to Aaron Rodgers potentially having a serious Achilles tendon injury, Wilson finds himself thrust into the starting position for the New York Jets once again. Coach Robert Saleh confirmed that Wilson will be “the guy” moving forward, a decision that comes as no surprise considering the circumstances. The big question now is whether the Jets will bring in a veteran backup or promote Tim Boyle to the active roster.

While Wilson may not necessarily require a mentor, having Rodgers around the team to offer guidance and support would be invaluable. Rodgers’ presence could also help bring out the best in Wilson and contribute to the team’s success. However, it is still crucial to have a capable backup in case Wilson gets injured. The problem lies in the limited options available in free agency, with quarterbacks like Carson Wentz, Joe Flacco, Matt Ryan, and Nick Foles being the main choices.

Another possibility is trading for a backup quarterback. However, most teams who have a reliable backup will be reluctant to part ways with them, as they rely on the backup for their own team’s success. For instance, the New Orleans Saints currently have four backup quarterbacks on their roster, though rookie Jake Haener is currently serving a suspension for five more games. It is conceivable that Jameis Winston could eventually become available if the circumstances align.

Regardless of the backup situation, Zach Wilson has been confirmed as the new starting quarterback for the Jets, assuming Rodgers is out for the remainder of the year.

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