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Ron Washington, Angels manager, faults Luis Guillorme for unsuccessful squeeze bunt: ‘He didn’t execute.’


May 15, 2024

During the Los Angeles Angels’ 7-6 loss to the St. Louis Cardinals, a failed squeeze play in the bottom of the eighth inning left manager Ron Washington frustrated. Luis Guillorme was at bat with the bases loaded and the Angels down by a run, facing Cardinals reliever JoJo Romero. His job was simple: execute a squeeze bunt to tie the game. However, Guillorme, who was recently acquired by the Angels, missed a 1-1 slider, resulting in Zach Neto being tagged out at home. Despite Kyren Paris being safe at third base, Guillorme struck out later in the inning, ending the Angels’ chances of tying or taking the lead.

After the game, Washington defended his decision to call for the squeeze bunt, citing the lefty-on-lefty matchup and wanting to avoid a potential double play. He blamed Guillorme for failing to execute the play, emphasizing that Romero was throwing strikes and the blame should fall on Guillorme. Despite Romero’s wildness leading up to the at-bat, Washington insisted that the responsibility lay with Guillorme for not getting the bunt down.

When asked about his manager’s remarks, Guillorme acknowledged his failure to execute the bunt, admitting that he didn’t see Washington’s comments about it. He acknowledged that Romero made a good pitch and that he simply needed to make contact with the ball. The loss dropped the Angels to 15-28 and kept them at the bottom of the AL West standings. They have struggled to find consistency this season, winning consecutive games only twice amid a string of losses.


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