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Russell’s Terrifying Singapore GP Crash: A Bone-Chilling Experience


Sep 18, 2023

Both Mercedes drivers made late pit stops and opted for Pirelli medium tires in an attempt to challenge the race leaders, Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris, who were on aging hard tires. However, in the final lap, George Russell, who was behind Norris in second place, collided with the wall. Lewis Hamilton, Russell’s teammate, moved up to third place as a result, but Russell, who had a chance at victory starting from second, ended up finishing in 16th place. Russell expressed his disappointment, stating that he just wanted to curl up in a ball and be with everyone. He acknowledged his mistake and stated that he will put it behind him and move on.

Russell admitted that his mistake could have been due to a lack of concentration. He mentioned that after realizing he had missed out on the opportunity for victory, he lost his focus and made the unfortunate error. Despite feeling frustrated, he acknowledged the importance of keeping going regardless of the situation.

In conclusion, Russell’s collision with the wall on the final lap of the race was a major setback for him, as he had been in a strong position to challenge for the win. He expressed his disappointment and took responsibility for the mistake, attributing it to a lack of concentration. However, he also emphasized the need to move forward and not let setbacks bring him down.

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