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Russian media asserts that 150 foreigners were arrested in the Republic of Karelia and Finland’s eastern border will be shut down


Nov 21, 2023

The newspaper does not reference a source for the news it is reporting. Russian gazette Rossiisskaya Gazeta reported on the closure of the border between Finland and Russia. They stated that Finland would close the rest of the crossings at midnight that night. The Finnish Government has not formally announced a decision on the matter, and it is unclear if they will be meeting to discuss it. The article was published at 1 pm Finnish time. The story does not specify the source of its information nor the basis for the decision.

According to Rossiiskaja Gazeta, the Finnish government has announced that the border will be closed until February 18. However, it is not clear what source this information comes from. The rest of the story is propaganda, claiming the closing of the border is a “logical consequence” of Finland becoming “front-line state like during Nazi Germany”.

Russian authorities have arrested 150 foreign citizens with expired visas, some on their way to the Finnish border. These arrests would result in fines and potential deportation, though it is not clear which country the arrested citizens were from. In 2016, individuals with recent deportation decisions had tried to come to Finland from Russia.

Some of the information presented in the article seems to be based on propaganda, so it’s important to approach these reports with a critical eye. The story is relevant to those interested in the Finnish border issue, but details may be exaggerated or have a biased perspective.

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