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Safety Precautions for Adults with Autism During a Solar Eclipse


Apr 3, 2024

Warnings have been issued cautioning people not to stare directly at the solar eclipse without proper eye protection on April 8. The light from an eclipse can cause serious damage to the eyes, potentially leading to permanent vision loss. Dr. Ben Kemp, an emergency physician, warns about the dangers of prolonged and intense exposure to direct sunlight during an eclipse.

NASA recommends using specially made eclipse glasses or welder’s goggles with a rating of 14 or higher to safely view the eclipse. Other options include using solar telescopes or solar binoculars. It is also important to supervise children closely when they are using solar filters and eclipse glasses to protect their eyes from harm.

Despite improvements in diagnosing autism in adults, recognizing the signs in everyday life remains a challenge. Theresa Regan, a neuropsychologist, notes that there are still misconceptions and cases of autism that go undiagnosed until adulthood. It is crucial to have the correct diagnosis for every person to ensure appropriate support and understanding.

Dr. Regan explains that autism characteristics must be present in childhood, but they may not be recognized until more complex situations like relationships arise. Self-awareness is essential, and individuals are encouraged to speak with a medical provider if they have any questions or concerns about autism. It is important to promote accurate diagnosis and support for individuals with autism to improve their quality of life.

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