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Saint Patrick Catholic School (Bryan) Hosts Annual Science Fair


Feb 13, 2024

Saint Patrick Catholic School in Bryan recently held its annual school science fair on February 8th, with 4th, 5th, and 6th-grade students participating. The students presented their projects to a panel of 16 community members who served as judges. The school is proud of all the students who put in hard work and effort into their projects.

Superior award winners included Ava Faulhaber, Brianna Herman, Tony Alcantar, Will Brightman, and Carson Connin; and Tadzio Krukowski, Cooper Spieth, Lyla Stanley, Carson Henricks, and Wyatt Lauro. The excellent award winners consisted of Hanna Tirado-Molina, Jenna Sims, Dayami Tirado-Molina, Nick Grime, Luke Stanley, and Emily Magana; and Mara Luthy, Avery Welch, Serena Morgan, Lillian Rockey, Bowen Walker, Jesse Keesbury, Caleb Connin, Omar Guzman, Zoey Hickman, and Jamison Keesbury.

Special project awards were given to Ava Faulhaber for Best Display, Caleb Connin for Best 4th Grade Project, Tony Alcantar for Best 6th Grade Project, and Will Brightman for Best Use of Scientific Method. Additionally, Mara Luthy received the Most Creative Project award, Lyla Stanley won Best 5th Grade Project, Carson Henricks took home the Best 4th Grade Project, and Wyatt Lauro was awarded for Best Experiment.

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