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Sam Altman, former Open IA CEO, joins Microsoft


Nov 20, 2023

Sam Altman has found a new job just 48 hours after departing from OpenAI. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella posted on his personal X account that Altman, along with Greg Brockman and other colleagues, will be leading a new advanced AI research team at Microsoft. In a response on social media, Altman expressed that the mission continues. He will serve as the new CEO of the research laboratory. Altman will be joined by Greg Brockman, former chairman of OpenAI’s board of directors, and other engineers and workers from the ChatGPT development firm.

Emmett Shear, former CEO of Twitch, will take over Altman’s position at OpenAI since the previous technology director declined to fill the role. Altman’s departure from OpenAI was completely unexpected and he has been working on developing a new company that has captured the interest of several venture investors and firms such as Microsoft. Microsoft has invested in OpenAI technology and has been reliant on Altman’s leadership. His replacement would have posed a significant risk to Microsoft, especially with growing competition in the AI market.

Throughout the last few days, Altman has received support and even a proposal from the Government of France. Altman and his team are being welcomed in France to help the country develop its capabilities in artificial intelligence. Losing Altman could have resulted in his workers joining a competitor and setting up a new company. Therefore, Microsoft bringing Altman and his team on board is seen as a strategic move to secure talent and prevent it from ending up on the staff of competitors.

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